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Surrender & Retrieval of Court Ordered Firearms

Court ordered firearms may include temporary restraining order injunction firearms and mental health firearms, etc.  


How To Surrender Firearms to Sheriff When Ordered by the Court

The Court has ordered you to surrender all firearms in your possession to the Sheriff of Dane County. You must follow these steps to complete this within 48 hours of the Court Order:

  • Call the non-emergency Dispatch Center number 608-255-2345.
  • Tell the Dispatcher you have been ordered by the Court to surrender your firearms to the Sheriff, and you would like to have a deputy pick them up from you.
  • Make sure your firearms are unloaded, and uncased. (You will keep any cases in your possession so you can bring them with you to pick up your firearms after the Injunction expires).
  • Take your copy of the Property Receipt, given to you by the deputy collecting your firearms, to the Clerk of Courts for placement in the Court file.
  • DO NOT take your firearms to the Public Safety Building, the Courthouse, or any of the Sheriff’s Office Precincts. You must have the firearms picked up by a deputy.

How To Retrieve Firearms From the Sheriff After Your Injunction Has Expired

When the injunction against you has expired or is vacated and you want your firearms returned to you, you must petition the court that issued the injunction. To do so, file a “Petition to Return Firearm(s)” (CV-433) with the court that issued the injunction. This petition can be obtained online at or from the Legal Resource Center, Dane County Courthouse, Room L1007. A copy of the firearm(s) receipt that was issued to you when the firearms were surrendered must be attached to your petition.

Once this information is filed with the Clerk of Courts, the Court will order the Sheriff’s Office to do a firearm(s) background check to make sure that you do not have any State and/or Federal disqualifiers prohibiting you from possessing a firearm.

The Sheriff’s Office will then forward the results to the Judge who will then make a decision as to whether or not your firearms will be returned to you. A hearing may or may not be required prior to the Judge making a ruling.

If ordered to return your firearms to you, we must receive a copy of the order from the court PRIOR to releasing the firearm(s). We must also have your current contact information including a phone number and address.

On the day of your release appointment, you must bring a photo ID and a carrying case for each firearm being released. You may contact the Evidence Room Coordinator at (608) 284-6895 to set up an appointment for the release.

*Please note, you may only retrieve your firearm(s) by appointment. No walk-ins.*