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Hiring Supplemental Deputies


Beginning on 7/25/22, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office will only authorize the hiring of deputies to work supplemental events that are deemed by the Sheriff’s Office to pose a public safety concern. The authorization of hiring supplemental deputies will be at the full discretion of the Sheriff’s Office. Each application received will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Since 2013 law enforcement services provided by Dane County Deputies have been contracted and coordinated through the Dane County Sheriff’s Office Supplemental Employment system.

When requesting law enforcement services under the Supplemental Employment system you need to fill out the following form:
Dane County Sheriff's Office Application and Agreement to Hire Supplemental Employment Deputies

Please carefully review the form for details on costs, staffing, and insurance. The form must be submitted at least 10 days prior to your event. When submitting the form, you must also submit proof of insurance in the amounts listed.

If you have any questions, you may contact 608-284-2168. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What services will deputies provide?
A – Deputies working Supplemental Employment may only be used for law enforcement related functions. Deputies can provide security or assist with traffic control.

Q – Will deputies check I.D.s at the door to ensure proper drinking age?
A – No. Deputies will not check I.D.s at the door but will provide security and crowd control functions at events serving alcoholic beverages.

Q – Can I request a specific deputy or deputies for my event?
A – A specific deputy or deputies can be requested for events, but with some restrictions. If 10 or more deputies will be required to work the event, up to 5 of those deputies can be specifically requested, or be "core" members. For a 5 –10 deputy assignment, up to 2 deputies can be "core" members. An event that requires 5 deputies or less, 1 of those deputies can be a "core" member.

Q – How many deputies will be required for my event?
A – You may request a single deputy or however many deputies you feel is appropriate for your event. However, for deputy and public safety, the Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to mandate additional deputies or supervisors based on its own assessment of the event.

Q – I would like to use deputies on an ongoing basis, do I need to complete an application each time?
A – No. The "Application and Agreement to Hire" will not need to be completed each time deputies are used. Continuing or ongoing assignments will only need to be renewed on an annual basis. A long term schedule, or monthly calendar, can be provided to the Sheriff’s Office following initial approval of the application.

Q – How soon do I need to submit my application?
A – The sooner the better. The application indicates a minimum of (10) business days is needed, but more time increases the likelihood that a sufficient number of deputies will be available to work the event. The Sheriff’s Office makes no guarantee that a sufficient number of deputies will be available, and short notice makes staffing events even more difficult.