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Deposit Money for an Resident

You can deposit money into an resident’s account in three ways.

  1. Visit JailATM and make a deposit online
  2. Use our kiosk in the lobby of the Public Safety Building (available 24/7)
  3. Deposit money into an resident’s tablet account by going to


The Dane County Jail’s commissary provider is Summit Foods. Commissary is ordered by the residents, via the computerized phone system or by the app on the tablet. Orders must be submitted by Sunday night. No exceptions. Commissary orders are processed and packed on Monday, and delivered on Wednesday of each week (excluding holidays). Residents must sign for their commissary orders. If the resident is not available to sign for their order, a 2nd attempt to deliver will be made the following day. If the resident is not available on the 2nd attempt to sign for the order, a credit will be issued to the resident’s account within 5 business days. 

Family and friends can deposit money or order commissary for a resident by visiting JailATM.

If you have questions or concerns about your online commissary order, call their customer service team at 870-627-5476 or or submit a ticket at JailATM  

Resident Property

Residents can release property to visitors. A request slip must be filled out by the resident prior to the property being released. When releasing property, the resident must release all of their property to the same person. They can not pick individual items to be released.

The visitor can go to the property release chute and contact one of the Security Support Specialists to assist them with the release of the property. A request slip must be on file in order to pick-up the property.

Any unclaimed property after the resident’s release will be disposed of in accordance with Dane County Sheriff’s Office procedures.

Residents cannot have property dropped off for them. The resident must purchase items, including hygiene items, from the commissary service provided at the jail.

Property CANNOT be picked up between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. No one will be allowed to drop off or pick up any property during these hours.

Resident Phone Minutes

Dane County contracts with Global Tel*Link Corporation (GTL) to provide phone service to the residents of the Dane County Jail.

Friends and family can leave money for their loved one to use on phone minutes, video visits, or to fund their tablet by going to

The public can leave voice mail messages for residents by calling (608) 665-2474. You will need the 8 digit resident phone ID. For more information, go to

If you have concerns, issues, or general questions, please contact GTL Customer Service at 1 (877) 650-4249 or view the ConnectNetwork GTL Brochure here.