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Problem-Oriented Policing (POP)

Our philosophy of service delivery.

The Dane County Sheriff's Office has implemented a problem-oriented approach to police work, addressing causes of problems instead of responding to single incidents with temporary solutions. Problem Orientated Policing (POP) is the operational aspect of community policing and the next logical step in the evolution of community policing in Dane County.

Often, many of the calls for service are related and, if grouped together, disclose a pattern of activity or behavior that presents a more accurate picture of the condition that prompted the calls in the first place.

Problem-Oriented Policing entails a greater and closer involvement by the public in police work. Communities must be consulted to ensure that the police are addressing the needs and concerns of the citizens. Community involvement and support are key ingredients if the police hope to find long term solutions to recurrent problems that cause crime.

Instead of our traditional response of responding to incidents reported by the public (which is responding to the "symptom"), and then gathering information about the incident from victims and witnesses and collecting evidence, and then making an arrest and invoking the criminal justice system, the POP philosophy instead makes the underlying problem itself our focus and we will then strive to intervene in the cycle and eliminate the source of the problem.

Problem Orientated Policing makes the beat officer accountable to the community he or she serves. Outlined on the accompanying map are the beats.  Each beat is shaded in a different color.

See Dane County Sheriff's Office Beat Map (pictured).