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Scam Alert

May 01, 2014
Contact: Elise Schaffer, PIO Phone: (608) 284-6142
Sheriff's Office

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office wants to alert citizens to a recent scam being reported to deputies. 


In the last two weeks, two Dane County citizens have reported that they were called by someone claiming to be from “Windows”, the computer software company.  The caller says that they need to do some work to the victim’s computer, and asks for permission to run a diagnostic test on the computer while talking with the victim by telephone.  In the process, the suspect gains full access to the victim’s computer and all of the personal information they have stored on it.  In one case, the suspect even used the webcam to snap a photo of the victim.


The Sheriff’s Office reminds citizens to be extremely cautious of any email, telephone, or door-to-door solicitation that they have not initiated.  Never give solicitors access to personal information.  On Monday, May 12th, Sheriff’s deputies will offer an Internet and Technology Safety presentation starting at 6:00 pm at the Mazomanie Community Center on Brodhead Street.  To RSVP to this free event, call the Mazomanie Police Department at 608-767-2762.