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Boat Capsizes on Lake Mendota

June 28, 2009
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Sheriff's Office

Madison, WI – Sunday, June 28, 2009 – At 6:09 pm, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a boat in distress on Lake Mendota.  Witnesses reported a boat with seven people on it was sinking and the occupants were in the water.  The Marine and Trail Enforcement (M.A.T.E.) section of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office had boats patrolling the lake.  They responded to the call.  

Four of the boats occupants were able to make it to shore under there own power.  The other three remained in the water where they were rescued by Dane County Deputies from the Marine and Trail Enforcement section.  No injuries were reported.  The boat was recovered and removed from the lake.  

High winds are creating moderate swells and difficult boating conditions on Lake Mendota.