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December 07, 2009
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Madison, WI.  December 7, 2009 – At 2:00 pm today, Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney, Chief Noble Wray from the City of Madison Police Department, Chief Brad Keil from the City of Middleton Police Department, Dane County Coroner Raymond Wosepka, and Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard held a press conference to provide the latest information related to the quadruple homicide that occurred on Thursday, December 3rd. 

At 10:06 am today, the 911 Center was notified by a resident in the town of Cottage Grove, that a vehicle matching the description of the GMC Acadia that law enforcement had been searching for was parked on his property.  Dane County Sheriff’s Deputies, and officers from Madison and Middleton responded to the property located at 3479 Natvig Road, and confirmed that the vehicle on the property was indeed the vehicle being sought.  Inside the vehicle was a deceased male matching the description of homicide suspect Tyrone M. Adair, age 38.  A deputy from the Dane County Coroner’s Office also responded to the scene.  An autopsy to confirm the man’s identity and cause of death is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. 

During the press conference, authorities shared a general time as to what they believe occurred on Thursday, December 3rd. 

8:00 am:  Tracy (Judd) Graser is due at MATC for class, but does not arrive.

8:45 am:  The daycare provider for Tracy’s daughter Deja calls to find out why she hasn’t arrived.  The daycare provider speaks with Tyrone Adair, who tells the daycare provider that Deja will not be coming to daycare.

2:00 pm:  Tyrone Adair is seen at the Branch Street Retreat.

2:45 pm:  Adair takes a taxi cab from the Branch Street Retreat back to his residence on Squire Road in the town of Middleton.

3: 45 pm:  Graser children (two) arrive home from school to find Tyrone at home.

4:00 pm:  Tyrone leaves in Tracy’s Silver GMC Acadia.

5:45 pm:  Tyrone calls the Graser children and tells them Tracy is being delayed in traffic and will be home late.

6:07 pm:  MPD Officers are called to 6827 Park Edge where they find victims Amber M. Weigel, age 25, and Neveah Weigel-Adair, age 2.  Both were later pronounced dead, victims of homicidal firearm attacks.

Representatives at today’s press conference highlighted the importance of domestic violence awareness and services. 

On behalf of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, and all of the agencies that have participated in this investigation, our condolences go out to the family and friends of these victims.