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Chapel Dedication

August 20, 2008
Contact: Lt. Richelle Anhalt Phone: 608 284-6096 FAX: 608 284-6050
Sheriff's Office

Madison, WI. Wednesday, August 20, 2008 – The Madison Area Lutheran Council has sponsored the Jail Chaplaincy program for the Dane County Jail since 1971. For 19 years, Reverend Delmar Goetz provided for the spiritual needs of the inmates in the Dane County Jail and staff at the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. Reverend Goetz worked diligently to create and maintain a level of trust and cooperation between staff, inmates and other religious providers. For the inmates in the jail, he fulfilled the roles of counselor, advocate, and spiritual guide. He provided many of those same services for the members of the Sheriff’s Office, often times presiding over private ceremonies. In January of 2007, Reverend Goetz retired. In honor of his service at the Dane County Jail, the Madison Area Lutheran Council formed a committee to recognize Reverend Goetz’ contributions to the Dane County Jail by renovating the Chapel, located on the sixth floor of the City County Building. The improvements include carpeting, banners, camera and recording equipment to broadcast services to inmate housing areas, a Clavinova, and a plaque honoring Reverend Goetz. These improvements were made possible through the generous donations of the Madison Area Lutheran Council and members of the Catholic faith community. The Sheriff’s Office would like to give a special thank you to the religious service providers for the time they donate each and every day serving the inmate population. There will be a short dedication service held in the Chapel at 1:00 pm on August 21, 2008 with a small reception to follow at the Public Safety Building. Anyone from the media wishing to attend the dedication service should contact Sgt. Tony Fleres at 284-6921 or Lt. Richelle Anhalt at 284-6096.