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Amigo’s Don’t Let Amigo’s Drive Drunk

April 30, 2008
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Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney announced today Dane County Deputies are joining with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other federal, state and local highway safety and law enforcement officials across the nation, to remind everyone who plans on using alcohol during Cinco de Mayo festivities this year to act responsibly by designating a sober drivers before going out to celebrate. “Whether you’re meeting with a friend after work or attending a Cinco de Mayo party, remember this, if you plan on using alcohol, never drink and drive,” said Sheriff Mahoney. If you notice a friend showing signs of impairment, take their keys. Don’t let them get behind the wheel.” Although Cinco de Mayo is intended to be a joyous occasion, it can be a very dangerous night out when alcohol is mixed with the celebration. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTS), from 2002 to 2006, an average of 43 percent of all highway fatalities on May 5th and overnight into the early morning of May 6th were caused by impaired drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 percent and above,). If you are planning to use alcohol on Cinco de Mayo: · Designate a sober driver before going out to celebrate; · Eat during the evening; load up on the chips and salsa and other appetizers, and then enjoy your other favorite Mexican foods during the evening; · Don’t even think about getting behind the wheel if you’re drinking. · Ask a sober friend for a ride home; call a cab, your local sober rides program, (if your community has a local sober rides program, please insert the phone number here) or friend or family member to come and get you; use other mass transit if available; or just stay where you are and sleep it off until you are sober; · Take the keys and never let a friend leave your sight if you think they are about to drive. “Driving drunk or riding with someone who is under the influence is simply not worth the risk. The consequences are too serious and real,” said Sheriff Mahoney “Not only do you risk killing yourself or someone else, but the trauma and financial costs of a crash or an arrest for driving while impaired can be really significant. And remember on Cinco de Mayo, Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk. ###