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Habitual Traffic Offender

December 20, 2021
Elise Schaffer, PIO, (608) 284-6142
Sheriff's Office

At 7:38 am, a Dane County Sheriff’s deputy made a traffic stop on State Highway 12 near Simpson Road in the town of Roxbury.

The driver, Raymond B. Perez, Jr., age 54 of Reedsburg, was stopped for going 77 mph in a 55 mph zone. Perez had a revoked driver’s license with 27 prior convictions for Operating after Revocation (OAR), making this his 28th citation since September of 2018. During the same period, Perez also had seven prior convictions for Operating after Suspension (OAS), 21 convictions for Speeding - Excessive and an additional 7 convictions for Speeding.

For this stop, Perez was again cited for Speeding and OAR. His vehicle was parked at a safe location and he was given a ride to a nearby gas station.