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Social Services

The Social Workers in the Dane County Jail provide support to residents to aid in positive, pro-social functioning in the jail as well as preparing for a successful return to the community. Social Workers are available to provide support to any resident seeking assistance in the Dane County Jail. They also provide case management services to sentenced residents who are eligible for Jail Diversion, those who are involved in programs facilitated by jail social workers and those who are parents/caregivers. Social Workers work with residents to conduct needs assessments and develop goals and case plans that address the identified needs. Areas of identified needs include, but are not limited to, alcohol and other substance use, employment, mental health, education, and housing. The Family Connections Social Worker identifies parents/caregivers in the jail and supports them in building/maintaining their relationship with their children. The Social Worker also acts as a liaison for child welfare and other human service agencies, provides enhanced visitation, and facilitates the Parenting Inside Out educational group.


Reentry is the umbrella term used to define the transition from jail or prison back into the 
community. The process of reentry is supported by the Reentry Coordinators that provide services to 
all residents in the Dane County Jail that are sentenced to be released into the community, 
residents that request assistance due to plea or court releases, and/or residents who are serving 
Probation sanctions.

Residents start the process of reentry work with the coordinators about 30-60 days prior to their 
scheduled release date, depending on the sentence structure. During the process of release 
planning, residents and coordinators will complete needs assessments to identify the individual’s 
needs. The Reentry Coordinators will provide suggestions of resources for that resident in the 
community, and once a resident has determined the resource/agency or provider to work with in the 
community, they will submit referrals together to get the resident connected with the agency. Most 
often the resident will meet with a provider prior to release to create the “warm hand-off” to 
community support.

Reentry Coordinators work closely with contracted community agencies to ensure residents have 
resources upon their release.


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