FREE AED TRAINING, You can save a life!

No registration is required. Please come for the chance to familiarize yourself with this life-saving equipment. It is easy to use, but we understand the hesitation to try if you’ve never been exposed to it. You will not be receiving any type of certification for attending.

Thanks to the Lodi Valley Masonic Lodge’s generous donation, the Village of Black Earth’s municipal building now has an Automated External  Defibrillator, or AED. An AED is a battery operated portable device. Leads are attached to a patient and the device check’s the patient’s heart rhythm. If the device advises so, a button is pushed to send a shock to the patient’s heart. This shock will attempt to get the patient’s heart to resume beating effectively. This machine saves lives, but only if someone uses it.

The Black Earth Police Department will host a training where District 1 EMS will be giving the public hands-on AED training.


Preparedness for Active Shooter and Violence within the Community

Training is for Adults and is FREE!

The Village of Black Earth invites you to attend training to plan and prepare for an active shooter or violence within your community.

The training will be presented by Dane County Deputy Josalyn Longley.

Community Education Night to Prevent Future Victims of Fraud/Scams

This presentation is geared toward adults and older citizens are encouraged to attend.  This presentation will cover Frauds and Scams and how best to protect yourself.