Process service procedures

To more effectively assist you in serving your papers, we will need to know information about each person to be served such as reference phone numbers, workplace and hours, vehicle, date of birth or physical descriptors. Include as much as you can provide. This will help by saving excessive fees and officer's time. You must provide a current physical address or your papers cannot be served. One complete set of the papers are needed for service for each person to be served. We also require an additional copy or cover sheet for us to use and return back to you with the proof of service. If you wish for us to fill out you own affidavit (some states require their own to be used and notarized) please include a copy along with your papers. We do not notarize the affidavit unless it is requested. A charge of $1 per page will be added for notarizing.

Prepayment is required of $40 unless you have done business with us within the past year and your account is of good standing. You will be billed for any fees above the $40.