With a proud history of over 150 years of law enforcement service, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office is looking for individuals who are willing to work with all segments of the community to serve, protect, and improve the quality of life. The department has over 425 sworn personnel, and over 100 non-sworn support staff in four major divisions.

The tasks and functions within the organization are many and varied, including: Patrol, Investigations, Jail, Prisoner Conveyances & Extradition, Warrant & Civil Process Service, Court Bailiff & Security, Airport Security, Task Force, and Marine & Trail Enforcement.  Personnel also have opportunities to serve on specialty teams, such as:  HDU-Hazardous Devices Unit (formerly: EOD/bomb squad), Tactical Response Team (special weapons and tactics), Special Events Team (crowd control), K-9 Unit,  Dive Recovery Team, Crisis Negotiation Team, Honor Guard, and Traffic Reconstruction Team.

Beyond the diversity of job tasks and assignments, there are also excellent opportunities for promotion in the agency with 49 sworn supervisory positions. All rank levels below the Sheriff are filled through the promotion process, ranging from Deputy III through Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, up to Chief Deputy.


Create a Dane County Community where citizens feel safe, served by a Sheriff’s Office reflective of community diversity and guided by our fundamental values.


Guided by our core values, we are committed to providing a safe and secure community through professional service and partnerships.


Integrity, Respect, Professional Excellence, Courage, Leadership, Knowledge