Support Services

The Support Services Division is one of the most diversified divisions within the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. Staff in this area are responsible for each of the following areas:


  • Court Security- providing for the safety and security of the Courthouse
  • Child Support Enforcement- locating and apprehending subjects with outstanding child support warrants
  • Civil Process- processing a  wide range of legal papers, including injunction orders, restraining orders, subpoenas, eviction notices, and notices of foreclosure
  • Court Services- preparing criminal and traffic cases to be referred to the Dane County District Attorney’s Office
  • Conveyances- coordinating transportation for inmates throughout the State
  • Foreclosures- conducting foreclosure sales for real estate property within Dane County
  • Records- processing requests for public records
  • Reception- providing customer service to visitors to the Sheriff’s Office
  • Extraditions-coordinating the return of inmates to Dane County from other states
  • Vehicles and Equipment-  maintaining the Sheriff’s Office fleet of vehicles
  • Warrants- processing new warrants from the Court
  • Crime Scene Unit- processing crime scenes, including documenting the scene and collecting and preserving evidence
  • Evidence room- managing the day-to-day operations of the evidence room
  • Video- forensic video processing and analysis, audio comparison and analysis
  • Task force- supplement staffing in sworn positions within the Sheriff’s Office by filling vacancies in the daily schedule that arise due to vacations, family leave, sick leave, or training days
  • Technology- serving the technology needs of the Sheriff’s Office