Dane County Sheriff’s Office Writ of Restitution (Eviction) Procedure

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Pursuant to Sec. 799.45, Wis. Stats., a plaintiff in an eviction action may remove a tenant and dispose of a tenant’s property using the procedure outlined below.

1) Obtain a valid Writ of Restitution from Dane County Circuit Court. At the time of the eviction judgment the court shall order that a Writ of Restitution be issued.

2) A Writ of Restitution is only valid for a limited time.

3) Decide which type of eviction you want to do before delivering the Writ to the Sheriff. Under 799.45(1), upon delivery of the Writ of Restitution to the Sheriff of Dane County, plaintiff must notify what way the eviction is going to be executed. 

4) Forced evictions are done Monday through Friday starting at 8:00 a.m. and are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deputies will provide the landlord with an eviction date upon request. If the landlord chooses the mover option it is the landlord’s responsibility to hire the mover and pay for the mover. The Sheriff’s Office is not affiliated with any mover and we cannot make recommendations for any particular mover.  However, the moving company must be bonded and pre-approved by the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

5) BONDED MOVERS: Deliver Writ to the Sheriff’s Office. The Plaintiff is responsible for all expenses associated with using bonded movers. The following Bonded Movers have met the criteria set forth by the Dane County Sheriff's Office:


(608) 845-6090 www.capitalcitytransfer.com


(608) 219-8074 www.jcpropertymgt.com


6) Evictions after March 1, 2014 utilizing WI ACT 76 choice:


7) Deputies will notify you after they post the Order to Vacate and are available to answer all questions. They can be reached at the following numbers:

a. West County Deputy  (608) 284-6819

b. East County Deputy  (608) 284-6818


8) The fees for executing a Writ of Restitution are located in FAQ section.