Underwear is allowed to be dropped off at visitation during the inmates scheduled visit.  The underwear must be new, pre-packaged and white in color.  Inmates are allowed five pairs of underwear, including thermals.

Inmates can release property to visitors. This is allowed after the visit is concluded.  A yellow request slip must be filled out prior to the property being released.  The visitor can go to the property release chute and contact one of the Security Support Specialists to assist them with the release of the property.  A visit is not required for the release of property, but a yellow request slip must be on file in order to pick-up property outside of visit times. Unclaimed property after the inmate’s release will be disposed in accordance with Dane County Sheriff’s Office procedures.

Hygiene items must be purchased through the vending machines. These items cannot be brought in at a scheduled visit.

Non Huber Inmates cannot have property dropped off at a scheduled visit. The inmate must purchase items from the commissary service provided at the jail.