Jail Diversion Programs

If you have been sentenced to the Dane county Jail with Work Release/Huber privileges. You may be eligible to serve part or all, of your sentence at your home if you meet the criteria. This guide is designed to help determine if you may be eligible and to assist you applying for Jail Diversion. For more information you may contact the Jail Diversion Intake line at (608) 266-9089.

  • Q. What is diversion?

A. An inmate on a jail diversion program is confined to their home and monitored with an electronic device. They are allowed to leave their residence for the purpose of exercising their Huber privileges.

  • Q. How do I apply?

A. Complete the pamphlet and turn it in at the second floor of the William H. Ferris Center located at 2120 Rimrock Road, Madison, WI 53713. Incomplete pamphlets will not be acted on. Click here to download the PDF copy of the jail diversion pamplet. Please complete the pamphlet and e-mail to diversion.intake@danesheriff.com Attachments can be submitted at a later date.

  • What would disqualify me?

A. You must be serving a Dane County Sentence.

Transfers are subject to the approval of Jail Administration.

You must be sentenced with Huber privileges.

You must have a residence in Dane County.

If you are sentenced on an OWI charge you must have scheduled or completed your court ordered AODA assessment.

Your current charges, pending charges, criminal history and institutional behavior are all taken into consideration when determining your appropriateness for Jail Diversion.

There will be a mandatory drug screen before you are enrolled into any diversion program.

Failure to report to jail on time as well as drug and alcohol free will jeopardize your participation in Jail Diversion.

  • Q. How do I transfer to Dane County to serve my sentence on the Diversion program?

If you are interested in transferring to Dane County, you will need to contact the sentencing county jail once you are officially sentenced to request a Huber Transfer Request along with a copy of your Judgment of Conviction that states "May serve in Dane County. These two forms will need to be faxed to Dane County Jail Diversion at (608) 267-1531. All transfers need to be able to pay Jail Diversion fees and must report to Dane county drug and alcohol free.

  • Q. What happens next?

A. A background check will be conducted to determine your eligibility for Jail Diversion. If it’s determined you are an eligible candidate, Jail Diversion will contact you to schedule an interview.

At the time of the interview you will be required to provide the following:

  • A letter from your employer on letterhead stating the nature of your work and your work schedule
  • Class schedule, if applicable
  • A transportation plan detailing how you will get to work to include copies of the driver’s license, insurance, and registration for anyone who would transport you in a private vehicle;
  • A copy of your completed AODA assessment paperwork or the time and date of your future assessment
  • Full names and dates of birth of any adults living at the address with you.

Arriving at the interview with detectable alcohol on your breath and/or signs of illegal drug use will result in cancellation of the interview and may cause you to be denied jail diversion.

Driving to the interview with a revoked or suspended driver’s license may cause you to be denied Jail Diversion



Employment is not a requirement to be eligible for Jail Diversion. Inmates who are employed or seek employment while on Jail Diversion will follow all Dane County Sheriff’s Office Huber Law Procedures.

Volunteer Program

Unemployed inmates are encouraged to apply for the Dane County Jail Volunteer Program. If accepted, participating inmates may be eligible for sentence reduction credit.