The Dane County Jail’s commissary provider is CBM.  Commissary is ordered by the inmates, via the computerized phone system. Inmates may simply pick up the phone and select a code to order commissary. Inmates may update their order, or delete their order at any time during the week.  Commissary is processed and orders are packed and delivered on Wednesday of each week (excluding holidays).  Inmates must sign for their commissary orders. If the inmate is not available to sign for their order, a 2nd attempt to deliver will be made the following day.  If the inmate is not available on the 2nd attempt to sign for the order a credit will be issued to the inmate’s account within 5 business days. 

Family and friends can deposit money or order commissary for an inmate by visiting

If you have questions or concerns about your commissary online order you may conctact their customer service at 605-444-5004 or email them at