Alarm Permits


Click Here to download the printable PDF copy of the Alarm Permit Registration Form.


The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is announcing a modification to the Dane County Alarm ordinance. The modification requires alarm owners living in unincorporated areas to register their alarm with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

Chapter 37 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances regulates the use of commercial and residential alarm devices in which the Dane County Sheriff’s Office is the primary responding law enforcement agency. Alarm holders are required to file information regarding their alarm with the Sheriff’s Office annually.

The purpose of the alarm application/ registration is to provide responding deputies with immediate and up to date information. Not only will this facilitate a coordinated response, but it will also provide responding deputies with pertinent safety and contact information.

The Sheriff’s Office is collecting registrations and an annual $25 registration fee for all existing and newly installed alarms in which the DCSO is the primary responding agency. Alarm owners failing to submit the required information and application fee may be cited for failing to register their alarm.

Existing alarm holders may receive notice from the Sheriff’s Office or via their alarm company. However, your assistance and cooperation with the registration process is greatly appreciated. For additional information or to request an application form, please contact Lt. Brian Hayes at (608) 283-3960.