Motorcyle Unit

The use of the motorcycle was re-established in 2000 when the Sheriff’s Office was afforded the opportunity to lease two new Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles. The lease program through Capital City Harley Davidson allows for the Sheriff’s Office to obtain motorcycles at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them, thereby making them a very affordable vehicle.

The motorcycles are seen by the public in many events throughout the year, catching the eye of children and adults alike. The police motorcycle affords a unique opportunity for positive interaction with the citizens of Dane County.

Deputies who have completed the intense two-week Police Motorcycle Operators Course conducted jointly by Northwestern University Traffic Institute and Harley Davidson Motor Company also use the motorcycles for traffic enforcement. The Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Team uses the motorcycles extensively as a very effective enforcement tool. Police motorcycles are also used for effective and efficient dignitary escorts.

Motorcycles Photo