Marine and Trail Enforcement Bureau

The Marine and Trail Enforcement Bureau is staffed year round by two full-time deputies and one sergeant. During the summer, several other deputies serve on Boat Patrol and augment the unit. The primary focuses of the unit include boat patrol, snowmobile patrol, and ATV patrol. All three of these patrol functions are funded in large part by the DNR through a reimbursement program.

The unit is responsible for patrol/enforcement on Dane County lakes year round. Although there are 37 lakes within Dane County, boat patrol is primarily focused on lakes Mendota, Monona, Waubesa, and Kegonsa. Response to lake rescues, accidents or drowning investigations include all the county lakes as well as 14 miles of the Wisconsin River. The unit has a patrol boat housed on each of the four main lakes, with two boats on the largest lake (Mendota).  An additional boat is kept on a trailer for response to the outlying lakes. To view photos of boats and other equipment click on the Photo Gallery link in the left column, or click here.

Due to the unique nature of the responsibilities of the Marine and Trail Enforcement Bureau, the staff is each assigned a take home four-wheel drive squad. The vehicles are used to tow all of the previously mentioned equipment, as well as carry various types of rescue equipment. We have staff on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Boat Safety

With well over 25,000 registered boats in Dane County, and an increasing amount of tourist boating traffic, the summer boat patrol period is very busy with enforcement of the laws, investigation of accidents, and rescue operations. A very important component of keeping the lakes safe and enforcing the law is boating safety education. The Sheriff's Office strongly encourages all boaters to take a boater safety course. For information on where a class is available, please call the WI DNR at 608-275-3266. To access the online learning and testing information, click here.

Dane County MATE Boats

Ice Permit Information and Flotation Requirements

During the winter months, the unit continues to patrol to the lakes to enforce the Dane County Ordinance on Icebound Waters which restricts operation of motorized vehicles and requires flotation under certain circumstances.

Due to the popularity of ice fishing on the Dane County lakes, and the always fluctuating weather, the unit spends a considerable amount of time responding to ice rescue calls. In addition, the ice ordinance requires the unit to inspect all flotation devices and issue permits.

For information regarding ice permits, floatation requirements, inspection location, and dates click here.

Snowmobile and ATV Enforcement

Despite not having ATV trails, Dane County has a wonderful snowmobile trail system with over 300 miles of marked trails. Although winters of recent years have limited the amount of useable snow cover, the unit also patrols the county's trail system enforcing snowmobile laws and investigating accidents. Two snowmobiles are kept in a trailer for use on patrol and response to emergencies on the trails.

For patrolling the ice, two ATV's equipped with flotation are used. When the ice is unstable and unsafe, the staff uses the airboat that allows them to move across ice or open water.

Please see the Events Calendar to view Float Inspection dates for the 2019-2020 winter.